Campaign Support Philosophy


Data Analysis

Understanding your district is key. You, as the candidate, bring the cultural understanding and local connection to your district. Full Slate Consulting brings an incisive view of the data found in the typical voter file.

Understanding that data is important to developing a sound campaign plan. Knowing the data can inform when you want to target different parts of the district, what types of events you want to run and which existing groups you ought to get in front of to gain the most support.

Campaign Planning

It is all about the voter. Full Slate Consulting can help you develop a grassroots voter-centric campaign plan.

Starting from developing the initial voter-contact plan to planning for the election day get-out-the-vote drive, Full Slate Consulting can help you make every stage a quality experience for the voters in your district.

Campaigns are not about the candidates, the party or any ideology. Campaigns are about the voters. Let's work together to develop a first class voter centered campaign for your race.

Training & Execution

Running for office is certainly a challenge. Often times, friends, family and other close acquaintances will form the core of your support as you launch your campaign. Their commitment and enthusiasm can't be replaced.

Turn those supporters, with their commitment and enthusiasm that can't be replaced, into a dynamic team that will be hard to beat. Have Full Slate Consulting train you and your core supporters on campaign basics and how to execute your very own grassroots, voter-centric campaign.