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41 days left to help these great Democrats roll back the red tide in the Tidewater VA region.

41 days left to help these great Democrats roll back the red tide in the Tidewater VA region.


The first two were:

We need to support the full slate of candidates, here’s a big reason why...


I know not a lot of attention get’s paid to state races o sites like Kos. It is sort of a shame because supporting these state races are critical to the health of our party. Particularly in what we commonly call “Red States” and “Red America.”

The benefits are varied and important.

  • In the last cycle, we did not challenge for 1,479 state legislative seats. That translates to 117,000,000 potential constituents we did not seek to represent in state legislatures.
  • In Virginia, the 43 seats unchallenged by Democrats in 2015 represent roughly 3.5 million Virginians. We are asking to represent 2.5 million more people this cycle. That can only benefit us.
  • Supporting state legislative candidates now means trained field general’s for the fall campaign next year. Recognizable faces of people that were on the ground talking to voters and listening to their concerns, seeking to represent them will pay off big time.
  • With resources, the campaign infrastructure they build can be used both by future candidates for that seat, for county or citywide races and up-ballot races. It is how we will turn red to blue.
  • Even if you think some of these races are losing causes, having better connected Democratic representatives in the field in other elections will pay huge dividends.
  • In the end, politics are local and fundamentally about relationships. Having more people with deeper local relationships will yield growth in the party and stronger results in future elections.


Every odd year the entire Virginia House of Delegates stands for election in the fall. This really primes them to do real party building before the 2018 midterm. There are 44 days left until this years election on November 7th. Currently, Republicans hold 66 of those 100 seats. That means we need to flip 17 seats to turn Virginia blue this fall.

Now, that may seem like a daunting task, but, take heart, there are many great Democrats stepping up across the commonwealth. In the 2015 cycle, only 57 Democrats stepped up to the plate to run for those 100 seats. That meant that Republicans only needed to win 8 contested races to secure a majority. This year, 88 seats are being contested by Democrats, meaning Republicans must win 39 contested races to secure a majority. That is great news, but these great Democratic leaders need our help.


The party largely seems to be focused on just 17 races. That is precisely the number we need to flip, and we will not win all of them. They picked these particular races because Clinton won the precincts in these districts, which is fine. That said, presidential races often do not translate into good midterm or off cycle results. As we saw in the Georgia 6th, it is not uncommon for lower ballot races to lag behind presidential results in the district.

Where we really have leverage and ground to gain rests in districts across the state, not just in those 17 races. Of course, there are a ton of great candidate in those 17 races already, but we need to support everyone taking the risk to run. It is with that in mind I am going to do a series of these posts featuring all of the Democratic candidates challenging currently red districts. There are 58 of those in total. Let’s take a look at some of the Northern Virginia Candidates first.

District 54 - Al Durante

I want to represent you in Richmond, to put your needs above party politics, to do what’s best for our community. I want state government to work for everyone in my district, the 54th House District (Spotsylvania and Caroline counties), not just incumbent politicians and special interests.

I did not get where I am alone. My parents and family, my community, school, and friends all helped me get where I am today. I feel fortunate, and I want to invest the results of those efforts in helping my community, serving you in elected office – making government work for you.

District 55 - Morgan Goodman

Morgan is running to restore a civil tone to Virginia politics, to give everyone a voice in their government by ending gerrymandering, and to preserve out natural resources in the 55th District and throughout the Commonwealth. Morgan has already received endorsements from the AFL-CIO, Virginia Professional Fire Fighters, Virginia Democratic Women's Caucus, NARAL, and the Competitive Commonwealth Fund.

As your next Delegate, Morgan will break the business-as-usual cycle that has made politics in Virginia as broken as in Washington. She will be responsive to all constituents, work tirelessly to seek solutions, and focus on job growth in Hanover, Caroline, and Spotsylvania Counties. She will dedicate herself to move Virginia away from the "us vs. them" mentality that has brought government to a standstill. She believes that with common sense and common decency we can find common ground to move Virginia forward.

District 91 - Michael Wade

You see, I'm not happy with the way that the General Assembly has been operating, and when I found out that our current delegate has been running unopposed since he was first elected in 2011, I knew that I could not live with myself if I allowed him another term without a challenge. It's a shame that most of our General Assembly leaders ran unopposed in 2015. We can't let that happen in 2017. I'm putting my name in the race to give people a choice on the ballot for the first time in 6 years. We can't expect change in the Commonwealth if we allow our elected representatives to run unopposed again and again.

Our campaign is taking off, and I have been extremely humbled by the positive response I have gotten from people within and outside the district. I am excited by the energy and outpouring of support that I have gotten, and look forward to continuing our campaign through the fall.

District 94 — Shelly Simonds

We need someone to stand up for teacher pay and funding for public schools.  We need to improve teacher pay in Virginia which is currently $7,800 below the National average.  It’s vital to have representatives in Richmond who understand education and can fight for school funding.

We need someone to really listen to citizens about issues. For instance, City Farm, I want to see a park at City Farm. Why won’t our city officials talk about turning this last piece of public waterfront land into a park?  If I win this election I will be in a position to advocate and find funding for the project, I could make connections with state and national groups that can help us with the design and grants to make this beautiful property a park.  Why City Farm?  Because this is what our community cares about now and I’m the candidate listening to them.

District 96 - Kelly Delucia

Three times in my life I have experienced devastation. After 9/11 I trusted that America would take steps keep us safe in the future. After my mother lost her long battle with cancer I resolved to spend my life building a legacy of service as she did. Then 11/8 happened and frankly, I saw no clear way forward, and no way back. I was shocked, to say the least, and scared for so many of the people I care about. I looked for ways I could effect real change in my community. I marched, I wrote my legislators, and I helped start local activist group that now has hundreds of members. But I found that so much of our work fell on deaf ears. That’s when it became clear: we need new listeners, new legislators. We must elect new representatives that will actually listen to our concerns instead of the concerns of special interest groups. So I went to the data, I researched my district, and I found that there was a clear path to victory in House District 96. I knew I had to stand up and fight to protect my community.

District 97 - Cori Johnson

From the time I was in preschool I knew I wanted to grow up to help people. After ten years working in emergency services, then moving to an administrative role, I realize that entering politics is the best way to make a difference.

I am passionately committed to public service.

I started as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Once I completed my education in Advanced Life Support as a Paramedic, I became a professional firefighter, while continuing to provide advanced emergency medical care in a cross-trained, dual-service role.

Ten years of front-line service to people of all walks of life has given me unique experience with the issues facing every level of the community. My experience as a paramedic has taught me decisive leadership, critical problem solving and rigorous accountability. Firefighting has solidified my commitment to serving something bigger than myself.

It is not in my nature to be a bystander.

District 98 - Sheila Crowley

Sheila Crowley is a proven leader with a track record of success. With over 25 years of experience as the chief executive of non-profit organizations, she is a tireless advocate for people who are disadvantaged, vulnerable, and discriminated against. Sheila wants to use her leadership and policy skills to help the residents of the Middle Peninsula have good jobs, affordable housing, good health care, quality education, and a clean environment.

I am not a politician. I have never run for office. In fact, I never intended to run for office. But like many people in our community and nation, the results of the 2016 election shocked my conscience. This is a moment in our nation’s history when each of us must do everything we can to advance progressive ideas and reject the politics of greed, fear, and division. We must pursue every avenue to express traditional values of caring, community, and the common good.

District 99 - Francis Edwards

Edwards has been all over the six-county Northern Neck 99th District, talking and listening to gatherings of enthusiastic folks. 
“Everywhere I go people are concerned about the impact fracking could have on our way of life. We live downstream. One little mistake and our livelihoods…farming, fishing, water supply, property values…are destroyed and gone forever.”
Edwards is committed to:

  • Health care protection that is affordable for everyone                              
  • Chesapeake Bay conservancy and stopping fracking 
  • Economic development and jobs creation 
  • Public education protection and improvement 
  • Voting rights and equal opportunity protection


40 days left to knock down the Republican Potemkin Village in Virginia Beach.

40 days left to knock down the Republican Potemkin Village in Virginia Beach.

42 days left to lay groundwork to beat Republicans Comstock, Wittman & Garrett in 2018 and flip Virginia blue!

42 days left to lay groundwork to beat Republicans Comstock, Wittman & Garrett in 2018 and flip Virginia blue!