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Cheryl Turpin Challenges District 85 Virginia House of Delegates - Data Snapshot

Cheryl Turpin Challenges District 85 Virginia House of Delegates - Data Snapshot

District 85 is being contested by a Democratic candidate this cycle. The seat is currently held by Republican Rocky Holcomb. Holcomb gained this seat in a special election contested by Democrat Cheryl Turpin. Cheryl came within 362 votes of turning this long-standing red district blue. In the last general election, the Republican ran unopposed.

Cheryl Turpin has stepped up as a candidate this fall as well:

District 85 Fast Facts

  • Residents = 80,010
  • Active Registered Voters = 47,692
  • Percent Registered = 60%
  • Total Vote in Last District 85 Race = 9,406
  • Participation Rate = 20%
  • Total Vote for Republican last Race = 9,406
  • Total Vote for Democrat last Race = 0
  • Localities = Virginia Beach City

The above snapshot is based on the last general election in 2015. District 85 is comprised of 17 precincts in Virginia Beach. The last time this race was contested was in 2013 and drew 19,622 with the Republican getting 11,041 votes. That is a good sign, it shows that the republican can expect to gain about 2,000 votes if challenged. Given the energy on our side, and a well planned and executed campaign we can easily pick up 3,000 more votes or more compared to the last contested general election race.

The graphic below is a plot of the Republican vote totals in the precincts. Frankly, these are soft numbers across the board. That said, the dots below the line would be precincts to seriously review first, that means they underperform the average performance for the Republican last race:

This is just a quick snapshot on some of the analysis I can do for your campaign simply based on publically available data. If you work with me I can help you really zero on down to address by address data once I get a hold of your voter file to analyze.

You can request a file from the Secretary of States office by contacting Vanessa Archie at or at (804) 864-8908. Ask what it would take to obtain the Vote History List for District 85, let her know you are a candidate or a member of the campaign.

Support the Democratic candidate and if you are a candidate or working on a campaign check out my The Solution page on this website to see how I can help your campaign.

Let's Turn Virginia Blue in 2017. If you do not have a candidate running in your district. Run, let me help!

2017 Virginia House of Delegates Campaign - Democratic Candidates

Big News from Virginia! (shared from Daily Kos

Big News from Virginia! (shared from Daily Kos