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Virginia House of Delegates - District 13 Data

Virginia House of Delegates - District 13 Data

Danica Roem defeated three other candidates in the District 13 Democratic primary to compete against Republican Bob Marshall in this fall's Virginia House of Delegates race. This seat went contested in 2015. The Republican won by just 1,557 votes in the last cycle. It is great to see so many people stepping up to challenge a seat like this.


District 13 Fast Facts

  • Residents = 80,010
  • Active Registered Voters = 42,386
  • Percent Registered = 53%
  • Total Vote in Last District 13 Race = 12,741
  • Participation Rate = 30%
  • Total Vote for Republican last Race = 7,149
  • Total Vote for Democrat last Race = 5,592

There are 2 localities in the district; Prince William County and Manassas Park City. Below is graph highlighting the vote breakdown for each party in each locality compared to total vote and total active registered voters:

Looking at that, the biggest opportunity for Democrats within the district are within the Prince William County precincts. since it makes up 86% of all the registered active voters.  There are 15 precincts, 9 of which that saw less than 25% participation. Those would be some areas to potentially target.

District 13 is ripe for the picking if we all get behind Danica and support her campaign. Opportunity abounds in this district for us to score a big victory this fall.

Here are reasons why we should support the full slate of candidates in Virginia.

The best way, for a political party, to connect with voters is to ask for their vote. Last cycle, Democrats did not contest 44 out 100 House of Delegates seat in Virginia. Those 44 seats represent roughly 3,520,000 Virginians. It does not matter your view on the issues, if a party does not run candidates in your district, it is less likely you will support that party consistently. If Democrats do not ask for these votes, the message to Virginians living in these mostly rural districts is the Democratic Party is not interested in their concerns.

This issue is not unique to Virginia either. In the last cycle,  Democrats did not compete in 1,479 state legislative races nationwide. The districts we did not compete in represent more that 117,000,000 people. We often ask how people in "red America" can so consistently vote against their interests.

They are not voting against their interests at all; they are simply voting for those showing an interest in them.

As noted above, it is of critical importance we try to field candidates in as many districts as possible. If you can run, please do. These state legislative races are vital to our Democracy. They are the most local seats with enumerated powers in our Constitution. The power to change our Constitution rests in the state legislatures hands, and Republicans only need 24 more seats to control the number of states they need to do just that.

Virginia is leading the way. They are doing well contesting 88 of 100 districts this cycle. That said, if we want to start to bridge the rural and urban divide, if we want to represent all people across the state, heck across the nation, we need to step up and support the full slate of Democrats running this cycle, tough district or not. Let's work together to support Democrats across the map in Virginia like Danica. Let's support the Full Slate TM.

Pastor Joshua Cole for the District 28 Virginia House seat

Pastor Joshua Cole for the District 28 Virginia House seat

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