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 Turning anger into action. Here is how to start...just 35 critical days left to go win elections in Virginia.

Turning anger into action. Here is how to start...just 35 critical days left to go win elections in Virginia.

There is a lot of anger out here. We are angry at each other, we are angry at Trump and the Republicans, we are angry at the lack of action on so many important issues.

The last few days has spawned even something more to be angry about. Our country has a unique problem with gun violence in our society. Since Republican’s control so much of our government at so many levels, we are actually adopting policies that make things worse as the violence continues to grow in terms the scourge of these mass shootings.

As we speak, Republicans in Congress are considering bills to make silencers on weapons the mass murderer used in Las Vegas legal. As many experts have pointed out, the mere fact that people could hear the report of the weapons being fired helped people understand what was happening more quickly than they otherwise would have. It enabled more people to get away from that horror that might otherwise have done. It has been reported Republicans are slowing down this legislation given the events of Sunday night, but most analysts think they will continue with it and ultimately pass it.


Now is the time to take the action we must to begin to turn the tide on a reckless policy path that is leading to the needless deaths of so many of us. The electoral fight is on, while not each and every Democratic candidate has exactly the same view on the 2nd amendment, we do know that Republican's are almost wholly beholden to the gun industries propaganda arm, the NRA.

If we hope to begin to return gun policy to a rational footing in our country we must seize control of legislative chambers across the country. Virginia is our first flip opportunity. They have elections in just 35 days time, and these great candidates need our support now.

Contribute to their campaigns if you can. This batch of overwhelmingly fantastic is largely from the capital area of Richmond Virginia. They are all taking on Republican-held seats. My fave on this list is Katie Sponsler. Her life has mirrored that of my father in many ways. Born in the Warren Ohio area, joined the Air Force, served beyond minimum tours. Heck, they both even been to Guam!

That said, I have spoken to all but one of these folks, and they are each and every one, remarkable people that have earned our support by picking up the Democratic banner for us!

The Richmond Area Candidates

Clicking on the district number will take you to a profile of their district, clicking on their name will take you to some aspect of their web presence, clicking on the link below their photo will take you straight to their donation page.

District 27 - Larry Barnett

Larry Barnett2.jpg

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As a member of a career U.S. Coast Guard family, Larry was raised in an atmosphere of service to country. In 1975, he moved to the Richmond area, and then moved to Chesterfield in 1988.

Larry spent his 31-year career in public service to citizens of Chesterfield County. He has worked in a variety of increasingly responsible professional positions at Chesterfield County Mental Health Support Services. He spent the latter part of his career with the county managing crisis intervention and adult mental health programs.

My life has been devoted to public service in my community.  I promise to work hard and be a responsive public servant to all the people I have the privilege to represent.” ~Larry Barnett

District 56 - Melissa Dart

Melissa Dart 2.jpg

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My decision to run for the House of Delegates was a natural extension of the volunteering and activism which has been a constant thread throughout my life. My husband, James and I met while volunteer tutoring adult literacy students at The READ Center. Once our children were born, I was able to engage in our community by becoming the President of the Rainbow Station Parent Board. After attending a community meeting this fall at the University of Richmond, I felt called to work with current students as they proposed policy changes around the handling of campus sexual assault.

Through all of my work, I have realized it is not enough for me for my family to have what they need. I no longer feel like I can rest until I do everything within in my power for all families to have access to the healthcare, education and resources that they need to support themselves and and their families. That is why I am running for the House of Delegates. With everything happening in our world and our community, I am compelled to use my voice to speak for everyone, but most of all, for those who are not in a position to speak for themselves.

District 62 - Sheila Bynum Coleman

Sheila Bynum-Coleman.jpg

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Sheila has volunteered as a mentor with at risk youth along with providing counseling services. She has worked to help citizens being released from prison with job placement and housing recently Sheila and her husband opened a transition home offering housing for men that are homeless coming from the prison system. Their program involves housing, job training, credit repair and counseling services. Sheila works to connect services to help assist with becoming a productive member of society. Sheila volunteers with Veterans Helping Veterans, Guardians and several civic and several other community and civic organizations linking the needs of the community to people and programs providing assistance. Sheila is an active member of a number of civic and community organizations and volunteers her time teaching classes for first time home buyers, entrepreneurial development workshops, contracting with the Federal Government and fiscal management. She has also worked as a children’s advocate for over ten years and has partnered with several organizations to improve the conditions in local area schools.

Sheila Bynum Coleman’s unique skill-set will translate into an efficient and effective Legislator that provides viable solutions to everyday problems. She will be an effective agent of change for our Commonwealth.

District 64 Rebecca S Colaw

Rebecca Colaw.jpg

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I am a retired Gulf War Veteran, a Democrat, and the owner of a small law firm in Suffolk.  I hold a Bachelor's of Science degree in Communications and Broadcast Management, a Master's degree in Criminal Justice, and a Juris Doctor degree.

I'm running for office because I believe that the General Assembly should serve the farmers, wage earners, small business owners, and families of Virginia.  We don't want big government handouts, but we want the fruits of our hard work and sacrifice to be enough  to afford necessities such as health  care, safe homes, effective schools, and a chance to succeed.

That's not happening now and it won't happen with the mud-slinging and partisanship that define our political discourse.  My firm includes a Tea Partier, two Republicans, two Democrats and an Independent.  We don't agree on all issues but we listen to each other and work together day after day to get our job done. That my definition of leadership.

District 66 - Katie Sponsler

Katie Sponsler.jpg

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Katie Sponsler was born in 1980 in the rustbelt town of Warren, Ohio, the fifth of seven children. Her father, David, was an assembly line worker at Lordstown’s General Motors plant and a member of the United Automobile Workers. Her mother, Mary Beth, was the secretary at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church where the family attended daily and Sunday services.

In 2001, Katie joined the United States Air Force. At the end of her sixth year of active duty, Katie received an Honorable Discharge and returned to Ohio to continue her education at Youngstown State University, majoring in criminal justice.

Katie remained active in the military, joining the Air Force Reserve at Youngstown Air Reserve Station.

After earning a dual Federal Seasonal and Ohio State Police Officer Certification Katie was offered a job as a seasonal Law Enforcement Park Ranger at Petersburg National Battlefield.  Always proud to serve, Katie and her daughter relocated to Colonial Heights in April, 2011. After one season, Katie was invited to stay as a full-time Ranger.

In March of 2015, Katie and her partner of five years, Anthe, welcomed their son, Lars. Since that time she has worked full-time serving her family and is now ready to serve her adopted home in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

District 68 - Dawn Adams

Dawn Adams.jpg

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Dawn Adams has dedicated her life to serving her community, solving problems, and improving lives. She’s lived and worked in the Richmond area for more than 20 years as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, access to care researcher, health advocate and most recently, as the Director for the Office of Integrated Health for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS).

Through her career, Dawn has worked to build relationships with all people irrespective of backgrounds. She is deeply concerned with the partisan rhetoric that has replaced healthy public discourse. She believes that all people inherently want the same things: well-being, safety, love, inclusion, job security, healthy food and to be happy. That is why Dawn stresses the importance of finding common ground from which to start conversations.

Dawn is ready to take the lessons she’s learned as a nurse practitioner, administrator, educator, and leader to represent her community as the Delegate from Virginia’s 68thDistrict. It’s finally time for proactive and engaged leadership to represent Richmond, Northern Chesterfield, and Henrico. Because when it comes to our community, we should #NeverSettle.

District 72 - Schuyler VanValkenburg


Click here to donate to Schuyler VanValkenburg's campaign.

He has been a teacher for twelve years, first at Short Pump Middle School, and now at Glen Allen High School. Schuyler is a lifelong learner, always looking for ways to better himself and improve his teaching. He finished his Master of History at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008. He is also a National Board Certified teacher and the We the People constitutional competition coach at Glen Allen. He lives with his family in Lakeside, Virginia.

Schuyler VanValkenburg’s experience growing up in small industrial town, attending the University of Richmond, and teaching in Henrico County, have all invigorated him in the fight to make Virginia a national leader in education in order to expand opportunity for all Virginians. He knows firsthand the immeasurable impact a high quality education can have, and is committed to ensuring that for every child across the commonwealth. He also knows how important it is provide equitable access and opportunities for every citizen, whether it is ensuring a democracy where every voice is heard and every vote counted, increasing job growth, or blocking bills that are discriminatory and that threaten our constitutional right to equal protection.

District 73 - Debra Rodman

Debra Rodman.jpg

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Hello, I'm Debra Rodman, Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies and Director of Women's Studies at Randolph-Macon College. I am the Democratic nominee for the Virginia House of Delegates in Henrico County's District 73.

In my campaign I’m focusing on the fundamental values that are crucial to people here in Henrico County.

Nothing else matters if you can't find a job. And while Donald Trump and the Richmond Republicans talk a great game on the economy, their actions tell a different story. Cutting through the rhetoric is my top priority; to make real progress towards more jobs for Virginia, through more job training programs, not budget cuts. Better employees attract more businesses attract better employees.  

Facing financial disaster when you or your child needs to see a doctor is unacceptable. Unlike the incumbent Delegate, politician John O'Bannon, I support giving more access to crucial health care for Henrico County families, including expanding Medicaid.

The way politicians in Richmond attack our schools and jeopardize our kids' futures with their budget cuts is extremely frustrating to all of us. I'll be a voice and vote for giving our schools, college and universities the funding they need to give our kids and adults the education they need — regardless of their zip code.    

At a time when vital women’s health care is under attack by politicians in Richmond and Washington, DC, I'll never waver from my conviction that a woman should always be able to make her own decisions about her health care.    

While working as an expert witness assisting refugees fleeing violence and terror at home and seeking political asylum in federal courts, I'm struck by how much discrimination they now face here. That's why I'll continue my 15-year mission to speak out and take action against prejudice and discrimination to ensure that all Virginians are treated equally and fairly under the law.  

These are some of the values that I believe are crucial to life in Henrico County. And you can count on me to fight for these values every single day when you support me with your vote.


The first four were:


33 days left to help voters in "Red America" actually vote IN their own interests.

33 days left to help voters in "Red America" actually vote IN their own interests.

40 days left to knock down the Republican Potemkin Village in Virginia Beach.

40 days left to knock down the Republican Potemkin Village in Virginia Beach.