Campaign Launch Package


This is a comprehensive service package that includes 4 key elements

  • Voter File Data Analysis
    • Review of voter file for your district (depending on the state your campaign can acquire this file from the Secretary of States office, Board of Elections or some other designated agency)
    • Voter Identification. This could vary based on information included in voter files within your state, but most include:
      • Primary participation history
      • General election participation history
      • Registration status
      • Partisan affiliation
    • Mapping of voters located within in your district
  • Voter Centric Campaign Training
    • Campaign roles to be filled for an effective campaign
    • Voter contact process
      • Initial contact (canvassing, community events, other)
      • Voter cultivation (follow up plan from initial contact)
      • Identifying and categorizing voters (supporter, volunteer, donor, non-supporter)
      • Election day GOTV
    • Events
      • Town Hall/Informational
      • Social
      • Retail (existing events to attend/be a part of)
    • Handling Objections
      • Train on a method to turn a tough question in a public setting into a win for your campaign
  • Face 2 Face Campaign Planning Consultation
    • Developing a plan from creating voter contact to the final GOTV push on election day
  • Remote Support Consultation Time
    • For use as the campaign requires
    • Recommended that this time spent assisting on transferring and structuring data into chosen Voter Contact System