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Campaign donations for local candidates in deep "Red Districts" is not a waste of resources.


After the election of Trump, I, like many of us, felt a sense of shock, even a feeling of isolation. Once that sensation wore off anger welled up. I was angry at my friends who I know voted for Trump, family members as well. How could they not see what Trump was? I spent time here on Kos sharing my anger, even engaging in the Bernie v Hillary wars that are still raging on this site today.

That all ended in late January. I was working out some anger, arguing about the need for us to at least listen to “Red America” in order to move forward electorally. The thread I was on pretty much took the attitude, to hell with them if they could not be bothered to stop Trump. Look, I am and remain sympathetic to that anger, I truly am, but even then I argued against abandoning them. I shot back with what I thought was hyperbole with something about, “well if we keep that mindset up Republicans will just be able to amend the Constitution. No more reproductive rights, no more marriage equality, no more voting rights, no more social security, you name it, GONE.”

District 78 Virginia House of Delegates is a big opportunity for Democrats, we just need a candidate - data snapshot

There are no Democratic candidates in District 78 competing for the seat currently held by Republican Jay Leftwich.  2013 was the last year the Democrats challenged for this seat. The Republican only drew 4,689 votes in 2015. This district is more than ripe for the picking. That is abysmally low participation.

Photo Credit: By U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District from United States (Great Bridge, Bridge (080115-A-5177B-025)) [CC BY 2.0 ( or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Connecticut Special Election - Dodging a Bullet

The results are in and both parties held serve in the special elections in Connecticut last night. That is great news. I must reiterate, though, as I stated many times prior to this election, it was foolish of Governor Malloy to risk those critical seats when Republicans are so close to gaining this power.

I guess this forms the basis of my call to action today. It is apparent the Democratic party does not grasp the magnitude of this risk. If they do they do not take it seriously. We need them to be laser-focused on this issue. All of the grassroots energy is wonderful and powerful, but we need the party to stop putting us in tough spots, to stop risking disaster for their personal political ambitions.